Delivered to the Aliens: Warriors of Corra

Mail order bride for an alien on another world? Why not?

Sophia has no job, her ex is a jerk, her landlord wants to evict her…

She needs a fresh start. Out of options, the curvy woman applies to an interstellar mail-order bride agency. She’s sent to a rough planet on the edge of the galaxy knowing very little about the mysterious, horned alien warrior to whom she’s promised. Quickly she discovers the marriage contract is not to one but two dominating, muscular warriors. Even more surprising is the undeniable pull she feels toward her “husbands.”

Warriors Alton and Zan, share everything and they need a woman. Protecting civilian settlements from the dangers of their world is hard, lonely work and pickings on the frontier are slim for their distinctive tastes. When the Earth woman arrives, she’s everything they crave, soft and with a fighter’s spirit, but can she thrive on the harsh range?

Sophia can not hide her intense arousal as the two golden skinned, horned alien males teach her what it means to be claimed by warriors.

Will she be able to wrangle both men or will they tame her with a hot hard country-style ménage? Or will her past destroy the happiness she’s found on the alien range?