He’d found his match at last. Humility. It was an odd name, a name that Kave had repeated to himself over and over again. His DNA match was everything he had expected her to be when he requested her. Her survival skills made her worthy of Athen’s clan. Too bad she’d stabbed him in the […]


Seeran never lost control. Responsible for the security of his clan and warlord, he couldn’t afford distraction or attachment. Then, on a Terran beach, he stumbled upon a male assaulting a female. The ice that ran through his veins turned to fire. The frightened female is his mate. Whatever control he’d possessed snapped in a […]


Carrie’s day went from bad to worse. An engineer, she designed and built bleeding edge combat starships, the kind that kept Earth safe from alien invasion. Focused on her work, she lost her fiancé and her job on the same day. Oh, and her mother told her to get surgery to fix the junk in […]

Warlord’s Baby

What to expect when you’re expecting an alien’s baby. Mercy has been pregnant for-freaking-ever. She’s tired and grumpy and ready to get this kid out of her. Of course, being adored by her alien warlord husband is awesome but she hasn’t seen her feet in a month. And she can’t get over this sneaking suspicion […]


Athen doesn’t want a mate. He is determined not to be the sixth brother to leave behind a widow in the war to rid the evil Suhlik from the universe. When his warriors requested a mail order bride behind his back, there is no denying his instant attraction to Odette, the Terran female. She is […]


Warrior Haze doesn’t have time for his new matched mate Vi, no matter what his DNA says. Sure, he wants her. Has to have her. But his mission comes before everything, even when it puts his feisty little mate at risk. Vi is no man’s toy. She’s done with losers. Been there, done that, burned […]