“She is mine; I shouldn’t have to contain myself.”

Honor is everything to me.

Wrax is undefeated in the Firosan arena; the king of deathmatches on his home planet. When he comes up against a man with everything to lose, he knows his winning streak will soon come to an end. Is there any way to win against a cheater without a conscience? And how does he explain this to his new bride, teleported all the way from Earth to reluctantly bear his offspring?

I trusted my instincts before, and I got burned.

Cara is a junior lawyer with a past riddled with wrong decisions and bad luck. A family who leeches off her, friends who take advantage, and an ex who won’t leave her alone. When the opportunity to be matched with a feral warlord presents itself, it’s not the impossibly strong alien who draws her — it’s the thought of a new beginning.

Wrax’s time is running out, and only Cara stands a chance to save him … can she see past his gruff demeanor and the backwards Firosan customs long enough to be his salvation?

*Note to readers: This book contains scenes of an adult nature, as well as some gladiatorial violence, a beautiful faraway planet populated mostly by growling shirtless warlords, and one sassy AI.*