This is no life for a young, sweet, laughably frail human … one that happens to have the kind of feminine curves I want to press against me to see if she fits; with a scent like soft flowers and sweet spices. No. No life at all.

Change always leads to trouble…

Tyr is a grumpy, stubborn general in the Firosan military who is perpetually two insubordinate steps away from losing his title. When some unknown friend or foe signs him up for the human DNA lottery to find him a bride, he is livid. His life is not the kind of thing he wants to share with a woman, and a family is the farthest thing from his mind. When he meets the fascinating and lively Alyssa, it seems that circumstances can’t help but keep them together, and Tyr’s beliefs must be tested more than ever before.

I will achieve my goal by any means necessary.

Alyssa is a medical scientist who is working under the worst possible time constraints of her life so far. For her own personal reasons, she chooses to cheat her way into the DNA lottery in order to get to an active military base. Three surprises await her: one, the place she is sent to is nothing like what she imagined, two, it’s nowhere near as safe as she expected it to be, and three … the surly, mysterious escort who has come for her is possibly the most powerful and handsome man she has ever been around.

It’s a shame he isn’t her genetic match…

*Note to readers: This book contains scenes of an adult nature, as well as some light military peril, an exotic faraway moon populated mostly by engineering porcupines, and many, many dangerous and powerful purple alpha males.*