Oz: The Telorex Pact

On a mission to save his planet…

The last thing Ozien Gace, engineer of the finest ship in the Mahdfel fleet, needs is a woman on board distracting him. He’s on a secret mission to save his mother’s planet and will go to any length to succeed.

Then his match, Molly, arrives and she’s everything he never wanted, and the only thing he can think about.

Ripped from her life when it had only begun…

Molly Galloway had plans. She was going to leave the family hardware store in her sleepy, little Kansas town and open a restaurant filled with gourmet meals of her own creation.

She thought the hardest part would be breaking the news to her family.

Instead, Molly is transported to a strange ship full of gruff and demanding alien males, willing to put her life in danger for some unexplained reason. Worst among them is her loner “mate” Oz. He keeps calling her outsider, and she can’t figure out why it bothers her so much.

All she wants is to go home, not risk her life daily. …Even if the heat in his eyes when he looks at her makes her heart do that flutter thing.

Oz knows keeping Molly with him isn’t the safest thing, but how can anywhere be safe without his arms wrapped tight around her?